Digital transformation in the agricultural and food industry

We are the partner for digital transformations of mid-sized companies in the agricultural and food industry. Our manufacturer-independent business to business (B2B) platform is your tool to develop your digital products and business models. Together, we develop your innovation, from the first functionality draft to the business model. We program your idea and host it on our platform, so your customers may use it. On top, you will profit from our connections to our partners.

Our platform & technology are your tools for your product idea

Our portfolio consists of technologies and services like API, e-commerce, content management systems (CMS), IoT, Blockchain, mobile, scrum, deep learning, remote sensing, geo-functions, climate-modelling, so we can efficiently and quickly develop your product ideas.

Digital business model innovations from startups to large corporations

We provide our knowledge to companies, who want to digitalize their services for their customers – without having their own resources or unable to use them. Applications will only be made available to your customers when you want to. Since we provide a pure B2B platform, your customers will still be in your care.

Platform Features and Services:
Agile software development allows high flexibility
White Label, Expert Modules and Project Execution as applications for you
Climate and agricultural
data service
Strong Partners make iXmap a strong network and B2B ecosystem
We host your data
on our infrastructure
In the network, we are the business model innovation hub

The platform and competence network form the foundation of our work

By connecting the partners on the platform, we create a network of competence based on iXmap technology

Benefits for your company

Without iXmap Technology

Company structure
Sales and market orientation
Exclusive clients
Existing products

Missing technology
Missing resources
Missing knowledge

With iXmap Technology

  • Keep company structure
  • Keep sales and market orientation
  • Keep exclusive clients unconditionally
  • Keep expertise exclusively
  • Keep existing products
  • Get new product ideas and realization concepts
  • Get business model innovations
  • Get new digital products
  • Get access to new technologies and knowledge
  • Get access to new markets through our platform and network
  • Save on development resources
  • Save on building up and maintaining infrastructure

The strength of our network is our partners

Partnership levels tailored to the individuality of each company

Different levels of partnership enable individual customizations tailored to the development strategies of our customers. Whether completely integrated as a partner, as a participant in a scientific project or connected as a cooperation partner – as a part of our network you will benefit.

About Us

In the future, increases to productivity in agriculture ensuring world nutrition will be made possible to a large extent by digitalization. Digital assistant technology like robots, expert systems and networked digital platforms enable the transfer of knowledge and the optimization of the necessary decision processes in primary production. There is a huge emerging global market for companies and parties involved in agriculture. But digitalization doesn’t stop with primary production. The processing industry along the value chain up towards the customer also profit through food waste prevention and transparent production. All this needs to become integrated, so that these benefits can also be brought closer to the consumer. Crucial in the future, therefore, is the networking of these systems along the value chain and their optimization with regards to resource and environmental aspects.
Since 2008, we have been consistently developing our vision of this future to come a step closer. We have assembled the building blocks and today have a portfolio of technology, competencies and a network that are second to none. A foundation of potential investors from the agriculture and food industry has given birth to this successful idea. With the accelerated changes that digitalization brings in all areas, we can continue to grow successfully and pass on the benefits to our partners.
Our vendor-independent business model brings only benefits to all involved parties – the end customers, our B2B partners, and society, that benefits from the optimization of our production paths including environmental resource conservation.
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Our main branch is located in the city of Regenstauf, Germany. This is the largest community within the Regensburg area with about 16,000 inhabitants and an area of about 100 km².


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