Partner iXmap

Using iXmap’s technology can be done in different ways. A partnership with iXmap includes the setup of an online portal using the corporate identity colors of the partner for their customers. The chosen applications from iXmap’s pool are then arranged in the portal. The partner keeps their client data and attends their clients as usual. Sales and service are done by the partner. Product ideas from the partner are developed into applications and used exclusively on the partners’ portal – or alternatively licensed to other partners in the network.

Scientific Partnerships of iXmap

Different scientific projects are developed and supported by iXmap.
Some partners are also represented in these projects.
The network furthers development of knowledge and methods for later use in the partner applications.

iXmap cooperation partners

Cooperations are essential at iXmap.
In many cases, the ties between the partners and iXmap led to the creation of major functionality for an application or software module.
Using various iXmap tools and technologies, services can either be exchanged with the network’s portals or integrated into the partner’s own portals as a service.